Thursday, 17 May 2018

Biodiversity Week 21st-25th

Hi All,

Biodiversity week is fast approaching and I wanted to make you aware of a few competitions taking place in the school. 
  1. Photography competition - Encourage your child to get out into the locality and go on a little hunt to capture pictures of birds, pollinators, plants etc. Once you have decided on the photo you would like to enter sent it to Fiona at:
  2. Waste free lunch/picnic design -  This will be started in school, but the children may have a chance to bring it home to finish it at home. A waste-free picnic is a fun way to learn about food waste, packaging waste, and the importance of cutting down on what we throw away. They will be creating a poster, the poster may contain photos of waste free picnic's, with some information on how to stop food and packaging waste. Email entries to or send them into me and I will passed them on to Fiona.
The school is also having a spring clean day on Wednesday. On Monday the class will be partaking in a bird watching workshop.  


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